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Nokang Medical Manufacturing specializes in producing surgical masks for medical use, manufacturing facilities, food processing
plants, chemical factories and everyday use for the population.

Doctors Recommended

NOKANG Level 2 medical face masks are recommended in every clinic, elderly home, and every event across the community.

Water Resistant Packing

Water-resistant packaging can avoid microorganisms to grow on and convenient to carry.

Professional Use

NOKANG Level 3 medical face masks are appropriate in virtually every hospital, disciplined services, and various sizes of institutions across the globe.

License Supportive (MDEL)

We granted the Medical Device Establishment Licence from the Medical Devices Compliance and Licencing Unit of Health Canada.

Attentive For You

Nokang mask’s unique package creates barrier protection to avoid the masks catching up with various dust and bacteria.

Laboratory Analysis

Our medical face masks passed a comprehensive set of tests for surgical face masks by WORLD AUTHORITY Nelson Lab resulted with Lot #695510016759.



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Process of Mask Production

Masks are made on a machine line that assembles the nonwovens from bobbins, ultrasonically welds the layers together, and stamps the masks with nose strips, ear loops, and other pieces. We specialize carefully in selecting non-woven fabrics and meltblown fabric for masks. All materials are provided by first-line manufacturers.

Nokang Medical Face Masks

Made in Canada

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How much do you know about masks?


Modern masks originated from the discovery of bacteria

In 1895, German pathologist Ledersch discovered that airborne germs could infect wounds. He suggested that doctors and nurses wrap their mouth and nose with gauze during surgery. As a result, the wound infection rate of patients is greatly reduced. As a result, masks have gradually become popular and popularized in European medical circles.

In 2003

Evolution of masks

In the 2003 SARS epidemic in my country, masks also reached their peak at this time, and their use and popularity reached a new climax. The outbreak of SARS almost made masks out of stock. Subsequently, the emergence of influenza A and smog increased the demand for masks.

Medical Masks - Level 2 or 3

What medical Masks suitable for?

It is suitable for the protection of personnel in relatively densely populated places, such as outpatient clinics, emergency rooms, medical guidance desks, etc., and patients with respiratory infectious diseases.

At present

Why we choose medical masks?

Most of the common gauze or fashion masks in the market can only play a certain mechanical blocking effect on larger dust particles, and cannot effectively prevent bacteria, viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms. It is not recommended to prevent respiratory diseases.

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